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Evergreen Bermuda International Pte. Ltd. is the sole owner of Evergreen® Bermuda Grass. In order to preserve and protect its purity and quality, we do not authorize any agent to grow, cultivate, or represent the grass for any commercial purposes.
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Evergreen Bermuda - The Real Champion of Turf Grass
Since 1986

Evergreen Bermuda International Pte. Ltd. (previously Everfresh Agro Industries) started the research and selection process of turf grass in its grass farm in Indonesia over 20 years ago. After a long period of careful and tireless refinement by local and foreign turf specialist, Evergreen® was finally selected and cultivated… as the Real Champion.

Today, we are pleased to certify that many golf courses in Indonesia and abroad are using Evergreen® - some of them in their entire course, some in the greens, tee boxes, fairways or roughs.

The Choice of Champions

Evergreen® has been successful in many golf courses including those designed by famous golf champions. Throughout the years, Evergreen® has been proven to provide very good playing surfaces due to its excellent wear tolerance and recuperative potential.

Nick Faldo inspecting Evergreen Bermuda in West Java, Indonesia
Nick Faldo inspecting the Evergreen® Bermuda grass for installation
at Jababeka Golf & Country Club (previously called Cikarang Golf) in West Java, Indonesia. With him: Douglas Duncanson (center), Jababeka General Manager at that time, and Ow Fook Moh (right), President Director of Everfresh Agro Industries, owner of Evergreen® Bermuda grass. Picture taken in Nov 1994.


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