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Evergreen Bermuda International Pte. Ltd. is the sole owner of Evergreen® Bermuda Grass. In order to preserve and protect its purity and quality, we do not authorize any agent to grow, cultivate, or represent the grass for any commercial purposes.
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Evergreen Bermuda - The Real Champion of Turf Grass

Evergreen® is highly recommended by golf and country club professionals as well as botanical experts. Read excerpts from their testimonials:

Mr. Garry Crothers, CGSI
  48-yr veteran of Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) with extensive experience in Morocco, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, ex-President of GCSAA chapters in New Jersey and Vermont, co-Founder of Indonesia Golf Course Superintendent Association

"I was with the IMG (International Management group) and worked as the Grow-in Manager (later as the Superintendent) in Cikarang G&CC in 1994. The course was designed by Nick Faldo and Evergreen® was chosen for the whole course: tee, fairways, and the rough. I watched Evergreen® with excitement and sometimes with a little doubt. I never handled such grass before; it is native to Indonesia, selected and cultivated exclusively by Everfresh Agro Industries back in 1986. It was a new variety. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Evergreen® is simply beautiful... dark green and strong.

After a long 15 years when I revisit Cikarang, Evergreen® is just as beautiful as it was fist installed, and it has now even replaced Tifdwarf for all the greens!“  

Mr. I Nyoman Mertasari
  General Manager, Jababeka Golf & Country Club, West Java, Indonesia

"... In 1996 Tifdwarf was on our green, but it was bad and very difficult to maintain. I made some experimentation with Evergreen® and (finally) replaced all the greens with Evergreen®. It solved the problem..."

Mr. Ruslan
  Golf Operation Manager, Padang Golf Cikarang, Indonesia

"We have no contamination problem on the greens because our greens and the whole course are using only one type of grass which is Evergreen®. We cut down to 3.2 or 3.7 mm and the run is 9 feet plus, they are fast greens!

Evergreen® is strong and less prone to disease, our superintendent has little problem.

We fertilize the fairways only 3 to 4 times a year... We save a lot on maintenance costs.” 

Dr. Budi Tjahjono
  Chief Scientist, Indonesian Turfgrass Study Group, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)


"Evergreen® form a very dense, uniform turf of high quality when is grown under proper climatic and cultural conditions. Evergreen® turf provide a very good playing surface for tees, fairways, and roughs, because of the excellent wear tolerance and recuperative potential.

Evergreen® is quite responsive to fertilization and irrigation. Tolerance to close mowing is good. Intensity of culture such as fertilization, mowing, and verticutting frequencies depends on several factors, such as the intended use of the area (tee, fairway, or rough) as well as soil type and fertility.

Evergreen®'s heat and drought hardiness are excellent. It has a low growth habit with an intergradation of stolons and rhizomes that form a very tight sod. The root system is fibrous, extensive, and deep. Tolerant to armyworms and sod webworms. Also quidrought tolerant.

Compared to hybrids like Tifway (Tifton 419) and Tifton 328, Evergreen® was shown to have the following benefits: requires less fertilizer to maintain an acceptable colour and growth rate, requires less mowing, reduces mower clipping due to slow upright growth, more resistance to common pests and diseases of the region, recovers from turf damage more easily due to the spreading capabilities of the stolons and the rhizomes, and generally less expensive to maintain." 

Dr. Ir. Panca Dewi MHK, MSi
  Faculty of Farming, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)


"Based on total stolon counts, density of growth, and the dried–weight of shoots and roots, Evergreen® grass shows tolerance to high salt content in water, up to the third (most severe) stage of watering.

In addition, the use of CMA (micoriza & humic acid) can further improve Evergreen® in the same basis of evaluation."

Dr. Ir. Panca Dewi MHK, MSi
  Regional Manager (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos) at Sports Turf Solutions.
Golf Course Construction and Greens Superintendent in SE Asia since 1992, with experience in Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam. He has also consulted in India, Singapore & Malaysia during tournament preparations with the Asian Tour.

"In 1995 I was the Construction Superintendent, then became the Golf Course Superintendent at a golf club named Taman Dayu in East Java mountains. The climate is quite extreme during the rainy season.  Usually 4 meters of rain over 4 months with little to no sunlight.  This grass proved itself against all other bermuda grasses with low sunlight conditions. We were able to keep our density and heights of cuts consistent throughout the year. EVERGREEN is now on all tees and greens and is now the grass of choice for the Fairways as well.

13 years later at the Danang Golf Club, the choice of Greg Norman Golf Course Design was EVERGREEN. I was very happy to be able to have this turf specified for this course. The low growing characteristics were ideal for this links style set up. Overall maintenance costs were lower due to the low fertilizer requirements and the reduced cutting needs. There were times that we cut fairways only one time per week... I would highly recommend this grass to be used on greens surfaces as well. Top speeds and very good tournament greens can be maintained at a lower cost using EVERGREEN."

Evergreen performs excellently in Danang golf cours: dark green, pure and uniform
Evergreen performs excellently in Danang golf cours: dark green, pure and uniform

Evergreen is used at the Tees, the Fairways, and the Greens
Evergreen is used at the Tees, the Fairways, and the Greens.

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